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3.10.9 Referencing an Audit Log

3.10.9 Referencing an Audit Log
Use the viewaudit command to display audit records. Execute the viewaudit command with a user account that has the auditadm or auditop privilege.
  1. Execute the viewaudit command to view an audit trail.
XSCF> viewaudit
file,1,2015-06-29 13:42:59.128 +09:00,20150629044259.0000000000.localhost
header,20,1,audit - start,localhost.localdomain,2015-06-29 13:42:59.131 +09:00
header,31,1,login - console,localhost.localdomain,2015-06-29 13:45:03.755
header,60,1,command - showpasswordpolicy,localhost.localdomain,2015-06-29
13:45:33.653 +09:00
platform access,granted
  1. For details on how to refer to audit records, see "Chapter 12 Checking Logs and Messages."