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B.4 Identifying Disk Slot

B.4 Identifying Disk Slot
To perform active replacement of internal storage, you need to know the physical device name or the logical device name of the device to be installed or removed. If a disk error occurs in the system, normally, you can check the message related to the disk which is likely to fail or which has already failed. This information is also recorded in the /var/adm/messages file.
This message normally describes the faulty internal disk with its physical device name or logical device name. Also, the slot number of the disk may be reported depending on the application.

The procedures for checking the installation location information of the HDD varies depending on the Oracle Solaris version.
- Oracle Solaris 11 (SRU or later applied)
For details, see "B.4.1 Using the diskinfo Command (Oracle Solaris 11 With SRU or Later Applied)."

- Oracle Solaris 10
For details, see "B.4.4 Using the diskinfo Command (Oracle Solaris 10)."