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3.2.1 Setting Items for Using the XSCF

3.2.1 Setting Items for Using the XSCF
The various XSCF settings items have the following purposes:
  1. Settings for using the XSCF firmware
  2. Settings for configuring physical partitions and logical domains
  3. Settings for managing/controlling the system hardware
  4. Other settings, such as for event notification
This section describes the settings for using the XSCF firmware. For the settings to configure physical partitions and logical domains, see "Chapter 7  Controlling Physical Partitions" and "Chapter 8  Controlling Logical Domains" and also the Fujitsu SPARC M12 and Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 Domain Configuration Guide. For the settings for the administration/control of hardware, such as those for the power supply, see "Chapter 4  Configuring the System to Suit the Usage Type" and "Chapter 15  Expanding the System Configuration." Additionally, concerning other settings, see the relevant chapter.

Table 3-3 shows the setting items for using the XSCF firmware. For details of individual items, see the sections indicated in the table.
Table 3-3  Setting Items for Using the XSCF
Setting Item Required or Optional Setting See
User management Required 3.5
Time Required 3.6
Network Required 3.9
SSH/Telnet service Optional 3.7
HTTPS service Optional 3.8
Audit Optional 3.10
LDAP service Optional 3.5.12
Active Directory service Optional 3.5.13
LDAP over SSL service Optional 3.5.14
Note - Service related to the following setting items was enabled at factory shipment.
- User management

- Time

- Network

- Audit