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3.1.3 User Interface for Setup and How to Access

3.1.3 User Interface for Setup and How to Access
To set up the XSCF, connect a PC to the master XSCF. To make various settings, access the XSCF from the XSCF shell, which is a command-line interface, or XSCF Web, which is a browser user interface.
Table 3-2  User Interfaces and How to Access the XSCF
User Interface How to Access XSCF
XSCF shell
(command-line interface)
Log in from a PC connected to the serial port.
Log in from a PC connected to an XSCF-dedicated LAN (XSCF-LAN) port using the SSH or Telnet service.
(browser user interface)
Log in using the HTTPS service from a PC with an installed Web browser connected to the XSCF-LAN.
To use XSCF Web, you need to first configure it with the XSCF shell. Note also that settings for some functions, such as the altitude setting and dual power feed, are not supported with XSCF Web. When using such functions, use the XSCF shell to make the settings. For details of functions supported by XSCF Web, see "Appendix C List of the XSCF Web Pages."
Setting Procedure
The setting procedure varies depending on the connected user interface.
  1. Using the XSCF shell
    See "3.3 Setting Up From the XSCF Shell."
  2. Using XSCF Web
    See "3.4 Setting Up From XSCF Web."
Setting Information
After the XSCF is configured, the set content is automatically saved on the XSCF and PSU backplane or crossbar backplane unit. Therefore, once the XSCF is configured, daily management is not required. However, considering the possibility of damage to information saved on the server, regularly save/restore XSCF settings information. For details on how to save/restore XSCF settings information, see "10.10 Saving/Restoring XSCF Settings Information."