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4.1.1 Setting the System Altitude

4.1.1 Setting the System Altitude
Use the setaltitude command of the XSCF firmware to set the system altitude.
Execute the command with a user account that has the platadm or fieldeng privilege.
XSCF> setaltitude -s altitude=value
For value, specify the altitude in meters for the installed server. You can specify a value ranging from 0, in increments of 100.
Note - After setting the system altitude, you need to reboot the XSCF to apply the setting, so execute the rebootxscf command.
Operation Procedure
  1. Execute the setaltitude command to set the altitude.
    The following example sets 1,000 m as the altitude.
XSCF> setaltitude -s altitude=1000
  1. Execute the rebootxscf command to reboot the XSCF to reflect the setting made.
Note - When continuing with other settings, you can perform this task after all the settings are competed.
XSCF> rebootxscf -a