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3.5.6 Confirming Registered Users

3.5.6 Confirming Registered Users
To confirm the users registered with the system, use the showuser command. To display information on other user accounts, a user account having useradm privileges must be used to execute the command. 
  1. Execute the showuser command to display information on an XSCF user account.
    In the following example, all information for an XSCF user account is displayed by specifying the -l option. 
XSCF> showuser -l
User Name:            user001
UID:                  101
Status:               Enabled
Minimum:              0
Maximum:              99999
Warning:              7
Inactive:             -1
Last Change:          Jul 11, 2012
Password Expires:     Never
Password Inactive:    Never
Account Expires:      Never
Privileges:           platadm
  1. In the following example, information on the user privileges is displayed by specifying the -p option.
XSCF> showuser -p
User Name:         jsmith
Privileges:        pparadm@1,3-6,8,9