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14.2 Configuring Hardware RAID

14.2 Configuring Hardware RAID
This section describes hardware RAID configurations supported by the SPARC M12/M10, and how to configure and manage hardware RAID.

You can select from the following two utilities for the environment for creating and managing hardware RAID volumes on the SPARC M12/M10.
  1. FCode utility
    This utility consists of a set of special commands for displaying the targets and managing the logical volumes on the server. Use these commands in the OpenBoot PROM environment.
  2. SAS-2 Integrated RAID Configuration Utility (SAS2IRCU) (referred to below as SAS2IRCU utility) can configure and manage RAID volumes on the system while logical domains are running.
    For details on how to obtain the SAS2IRCU utility and user's guide, see "Obtaining SAS-2 Integrated RAID Configuration Utility" in the latest Product Notes for your server.
In this chapter, from the above, an example using the FCode utility is shown.
For an example of using the SAS2IRCU utility, see "Appendix F SAS2IRCU Utility Command Examples."
To create a system (boot) volume in a hardware RAID configuration, use the FCode utility. The FCode utility and SAS2IRCU utility can support the following tasks.
Table 14-1  Tasks Supported by Hardware RAID Utilities
Task Description Fcode Utility SAS2IRCU Utility
Creating system (boot) volume Supported Not Supported
Creating data volume Supported Supported
Creating hot spare Not Supported Supported