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3.9.1 Using Services Through the XSCF Network

3.9.1 Using Services Through the XSCF Network
With a connection to the XSCF network, you can use various server information and services through the XSCF shell and XSCF Web interfaces. For details of each service, see the respective sections indicated below:
  1. Server operation, status display, and configuration change (See Chapter 10 and Chapter 11.)
  2. NTP service (See Section 3.6.)
  3. Telnet service (See Section 3.7.)
  4. SSH service (See Section 3.7.)
  5. HTTPS service (See Section 3.8.)
  6. SMTP service (See Section 10.2.)
  7. SNMP service (See Section 10.3.)
  8. Remote maintenance service (See the Product Notes.)
  9. LDAP service (See Section 3.5.12.)
  10. Active Directory service (See Section 3.5.13.)
  11. LDAP over SSL service (See Section 3.5.14.)