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F.5 Creating a Hot Spare of a Hardware RAID Volume

F.5 Creating a Hot Spare of a Hardware RAID Volume
Use the sas2ircu hotspare command to create a hot spare of a hardware RAID volume.
In the following examples, a hot spare of a disk drive installed in disk slot 5 of SPARC M10-1 is created.
root# ./sas2ircu 0 hotspare 2:5
LSI Corporation SAS2 IR Configuration Utility.
Version (2013.07.19)
Copyright (c) 2009-2013 LSI Corporation. All rights reserved.

WARNING: Proceeding with this operation may cause data loss or data
corruption. Are you sure you want to proceed (YES/NO)? YES

WARNING: This is your last chance to abort this operation. Do you wish
to abort (YES/NO)? NO
Please wait, may take up to a minute...
SAS2IRCU: Hot Spare disk created successfully.
SAS2IRCU: Command HOTSPARE Completed Successfully.
SAS2IRCU: Utility Completed Successfully.
After creating a hot spare, check the following items by using the sas2ircu display command.
(1) Physical device information

(1-1) If the "State" of the disk drive of disk slot 5 is "HotSpare (HSP)"
  1. Execution results of the sas2ircu display command (partial extract)
root# ./sas2ircu 0 display

Physical device information <-- (1)

Device is a Hard disk <-- (1-1)
Enclosure # : 2
Slot # : 5
SAS Address : 5000039-4-281b-5022
State : Hot Spare (HSP)
Size (in MB)/(in sectors) : 572325/1172123567
Manufacturer : TOSHIBA
Model Number : MBF2600RC
Firmware Revision : 3706
Serial No : EA25PC7007LM
GUID : 50000394281b5020
Protocol : SAS
Drive Type : SAS_HDD