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D.3.1 XSCF Extended MIB Objects

D.3.1 XSCF Extended MIB Objects
This section describes the information in each group of the major objects of the XSCF extended MIB.
  1. scfInfo group
    This group provides general information relating to the XSCF, such as master XSCF and XSCF-LAN information.
  2. scfState group
    This group provides XSCF status information, the Mode switch state on the operation panel, etc.
  3. scfMonitorInfo group
    This group provides environment information on various components in the system. Such information includes the component name, temperature, voltage, and fan speed.
  4. scfSystemInfo group
    This group provides the following system information:
    - Host name, serial number, number of CPUs mounted, and other system product information

    - LED state information

    - System environment information such as system power consumption, exhaust airflow, and intake air temperature
  5. scfPPARInfo group
    This group provides the following physical partition information:
    - PPAR ID, number of CPUs mounted, memory capacity, and other physical partition hardware information

    - OpenBoot PROM, POST, and Hypervisor version

    - Oracle Solaris information

    - Physical partition operation status and configuration policy
  6. scfPsbInfo group
    This group provides PSB (BB) information such as the PSB number, PSB power status, and PSB assignment/incorporation status in a physical partition.
  7. scfLsbInfo group
    This group provides LSB information such as the LSB number, the ID of the PPAR to which the LSB belongs, and PCL information.
  8. scfBoardInfo group
    This group provides CMU information such as the CPU memory unit (CMUL, CMUU) name, number, and operation status.
  9. scfCpuInfo group
    This group provides CPU module information such as the CPU number, CPU frequency, and operation status.
  10. scfMemoryInfo group
    This group provides information such as the memory unit number, capacity, and operation status.
  11. scfPciBoxInfo group
    This group provides information on PCI expansion units and their constituent components.  The typical components are I/O boards, PCI cards, link cards, power supply units, fan units, and sensors. For details of the parts, see "Chapter 2  Understanding the PCI Expansion Unit Components" in the PCI Expansion Unit for Fujitsu SPARC M12 and Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 Service Manual.
  12. scfComponentInfo group
    This group provides FRU information and status information about all the components in the system.
  13. scfDomainInfo group
    This group provides logical domain information such as the ID of the PPAR to which the logical domain belongs, the domain name, and the logical domain status.