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7.4 Powering Off a Physical Partition

7.4 Powering Off a Physical Partition
In the case of a logical domain configuration, execute the ldm add-spconfig command on the control domain to save the latest configuration information to the XSCF before powering off the physical partition.
For details, see "6.2.2 Saving the Logical Domain Configuration Information before System Stop" and "10.11.1 Saving/Displaying Logical Domain Configuration Information."
Use the poweroff command of the XSCF firmware to stop physical partitions individually.
Execute the command with a user account that has the platadm or fieldeng privilege. Alternatively, you can also execute it with a user account that has the pparadm or pparmgr privilege for the target physical partition.
XSCF> poweroff -p ppar_id
To specify a physical partition, specify -p ppar_id. You can specify a numeric value from 0 to 15 for ppar_id, which is the PPAR-ID of the physical partition to be powered off. The value depends on the system configuration.
Execution of the command outputs a confirmation message. Enter "y".
After the command is executed, the logical domains in each physical partition are shut down in accordance with the ordered shutdown rules. Then, the physical partition is powered off.
Operation Procedure
  1. Execute the poweroff command to power off the specified physical partition.
    The following example powers off PPAR-ID 00.
XSCF> poweroff -p 0
PPAR-IDs to power off:00
Continue? [y|n] :y
00 : Powering off

This command only issues the instruction to power-off.
The result of the instruction can be checked by the "showpparprogress".
  1. All the logical domains in the physical partition with PPAR-ID 00 are shut down, and then the physical partition is powered off.
  1. Execute the showpparprogresss command, and confirm the power on/off status of the specified physical partition.
XSCF> showpparprogress -p 0
PPAR Power Off PPAR#0 [ 1/ 3]
CPU Stop PPAR#0 [ 2/ 3]
PSU Off PPAR#0 [ 3/ 3]
The sequence of power control is completed.