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4.3.2 Disabling Dual Power Feed

4.3.2 Disabling Dual Power Feed
Use the setdualpowerfeed command of the XSCF firmware to disable dual power feed.
XSCF> setdualpowerfeed {-a|-b bb_id} -s disable
To target all chassis in the system, specify -a.
To target only a given chassis in the system, specify -b bb_id. For bb_id, specify the BB-ID of the chassis. You can specify an integer from 0 to 15 or 80 to 83, depending on the system configuration.
Operation Procedure
  1. Disable dual power feed with the setdualpowerfeed command.
    In the following example, the target is all chassis.
XSCF> setdualpowerfeed -a -s disable
BB#00:enable -> disable
BB#01:enable -> disable
NOTE: Dual power feed will be change the next time the platform is powered on.