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3.1.4 Proceeding Smoothly With Configuration

3.1.4 Proceeding Smoothly With Configuration
This section describes what you should understand before configuring the XSCF.

In many cases, the system can run with the settings and default values from the initial installation. However, the server needs to be configured to suit the customer's environment. You can reduce the time taken for configuration by checking the work already done with the Installation Guide for your server and the items determined in advance. For the settings, consider the following.
  1. List the items already configured during the initial installation, if any. For each item described below, display the setting information for the item, and confirm that nothing needs to be reconfigured.
  2. Ensure that the necessary user accounts are ready by checking the user accounts for maintenance, the system administrator, physical partitions, etc. You also have to decide whether to use the local account saved in the XSCF or to use the account data on a remote server as a user account in advance.
  3. Check the server configuration again. Confirm that no item for the network addresses, domain configurations, number of CPU Activations, etc. is undetermined or missing. Measures like examination must be taken for any settings, such as a network address, not suitable for the customer's environment in order to ensure suitability.
  4. You can use various services by connecting to the XSCF network. Determine in advance how to deal with unauthorized access and limit access to the host as well as the means of using the remote maintenance service, such as for notification, and what approach to take for standard time.
  5. The server operating environment is a necessary consideration to implement power-saving measures. According to the area and temperature of the server room and other attributes of the installation environment, determine the intervals at which the server is to be started. Also determine the maximum value for power consumption and other such values.