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3.6 Setting the XSCF Time/Date

3.6 Setting the XSCF Time/Date
This section describes how to set the time of this system. The system uses the XSCF clock as the reference time for all physical partitions.
The XSCF can be configured to operate as an NTP server or NTP client too. If the XSCF is not configured as an NTP client, the built-in Realtime Clock (RTC) of each chassis of the SPARC M12/M10 is used for the XSCF time. To change the XSCF time in this case, use the setdate command.
Figure 3-1 shows some examples of operating schemes related to the time on this system. In example 1, the XSCF and the logical domain are running as NTP clients. In example 2, the XSCF is operating as an NTP client and as an NTP server.
Figure 3-1  Examples of Operating Schemes Related to Time
Figure 3-1  Examples of Operating Schemes Related to Time
Note - The customer is requested to determine the NTP server operating scheme. For details of NTP, see NTP-related manuals.