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14.8.7 Notes and Restrictions

14.8.7 Notes and Restrictions
Note the following when using verified boot.
Setting Value of the OpenBoot PROM Environment Variable use-nvramrc?
To use verified boot, set the value of the OpenBoot PROM environment variable use-nvramrc? to "false." If you use verified boot with the variable set to "true," boot verification fails. Operations listed in Table 14-23 can be performed when boot verification fails, according to the boot policy setting value.
Table 14-23  Boot Verification Operation When use-nvramrc? is "true"
Boot Policy Setting Value Operation
none Boot verification is not performed.
warning The following message appears, and Oracle Solaris is started.
use-nvramrc? variable is set, continuing with signature verification
enforce The following message appears, and the boot stops at the ok prompt. In addition, the "boot process failed" error log is registered with the XSCF.
use-nvramrc? variable is set, verified boot policy = enforce, halting boot
Setting the Verified Boot Configuration at the OpenBoot PROM ok Prompt
Suppose that you change the verified boot configuration information in the XSCF from the OpenBoot PROM ok prompt and then start Oracle Solaris. The changed configuration information becomes valid only for genunix and other kernel modules.
The changed configuration information becomes valid for all modules the next time that OpenBoot PROM is started.