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8.10 Domain Console Logging Function

8.10 Domain Console Logging Function
In a logical domain environment, the console output destination of the control domain is the XSCF. The console output destination of all the other logical domains is the service domain that started the virtual console terminal collection and distribution unit (vcc).
In Oracle Solaris 11.1 and later, service domains support the console logging function of logical domains other than control domains.
Log data is saved to a file named /var/log/vntsd/domain-name/console-log placed in the service domain that provides the virtual console terminal collection and distribution unit. The console log file is rotated when the logadm command is executed. For details, see the man pages of the logadm command and logadm.conf file.
The Oracle VM Server for SPARC software allows you to enable and disable the console logging function for every logical domain except control domains. The console logging function is enabled by default.