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3.6.4 Setting the Time Zone

3.6.4 Setting the Time Zone
To check the time zone that is set, execute the showtimezone command with the -c tz option specified. To set the time zone, use the settimezone command. By specifying the -a option with the settimezone command, you can list the standard time zones that can be set. Execute the settimezone command with a user account that has the platadm or fieldeng privilege.
The time zones prepared as standard comply with the POSIX standard. The standard time zone list may be modified annually.
  1. Execute the showtimezone command to display the time zone.
XSCF> showtimezone -c tz
  1. Execute the settimezone command to set the XSCF time zone.
    In the following example, the -c settz and -a options are specified to display a list of time zones.
XSCF> settimezone -c settz -a
  1. The following example sets Asia/Tokyo as the time zone.
XSCF> settimezone -c settz -s Asia/Tokyo
  1. Execute the showtimezone command, and confirm the setting.
Note - The time zone (region/geographical name) supported by XSCF may be changed to support the latest time zone information.
If the previously-set time zone becomes unavailable on the system, XSCF operates by switching from the unavailable time zone to the coordinated universal time (UTC).
If the set time zone is changed to operate with UTC, execute the settimezone -c settz -a command to check which time zones can be specified. If the time zone list does not include the time zone you previously set, reset the time zone.