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7.2 Setting the Physical Partition Operation Mode

7.2 Setting the Physical Partition Operation Mode
This section provides an overview of the physical partition operation mode.
In the SPARC M12/M10, the following operation modes can be set for each physical partition:
- Diagnosis level of the self-diagnosis test

- Detail level of self-diagnosis test console messages

- Alive Check (monitoring between the XSCF and Hypervisor)

- Operation when Host Watchdog (monitoring between Hypervisor and the control domain) times out

- Break signal suppression

- Auto boot of guest domains

- Power-saving operation

- I/O bus reconfiguration

- PPAR DR function

- CPU operational mode
Setting an operation mode enables control of a given physical partition such that it does not receive unnecessary signals and instructions while running or under maintenance.
The physical partition operation mode is set by the setpparmode command of the XSCF firmware. For details, see "Chapter 3 Operations for Domain Configuration" in the Fujitsu SPARC M12 and Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 Domain Configuration Guide.
Note - The auto boot for the control domain is set by the setpparparam command. For details, see "8.9.1 OpenBoot PROM Environment Variables That Can be Set With the XSCF Firmware."