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14.2.6 Deleting a Hardware RAID Volume

14.2.6 Deleting a Hardware RAID Volume
Use the delete-volume command of the FCode utility to delete a hardware RAID volume that was created.
{0} ok volume_number delete-volume
For volume_number, specify a volume number that is output by the show-volumes command.
Execution of the command displays a confirmation message asking whether to delete the RAID volume. Select "yes" or "no" as appropriate.
Operation Procedure
  1. Prepare for deleting a hardware RAID volume.
    For details, see "14.2.4 Preparation Before Hardware RAID Operation."
  2. Execute the show-volumes command to check for the RAID volume to delete.
    The following example shows that the RAID1 volume was created with volume number 0.
{0} ok show-volumes
Volume 0 Target 11e Type RAID1 (Mirroring)
Name raid1-volume WWID 0c233a838262c6c5
Optimal Enabled Data Scrub In Progress
2 Members 1169920000 Blocks, 598 GB
Disk 0
Primary Optimal
Target a TOSHIBA MBF2600RC 3706 PhyNum 0
Disk 1
Secondary Optimal
Target b TOSHIBA MBF2600RC 3706 PhyNum 1
{0} ok
  1. Execute the delete-volume command to delete a RAID volume.
    The following example deletes the RAID volume with volume number 0.
{0} ok 0 delete-volume
The volume and its data will be deleted
Are you sure (yes/no)? [no] yes
Volume 0 has been deleted
{0} ok
  1. Execute the show-volumes command, and confirm that the RAID volume was deleted.
{0} ok show-volumes
No volumes to show
{0} ok
  1. Execute the unselect-dev command to unselect the controller that was selected during preparation.
{0} ok unselect-dev
{0} ok