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3.1.1 Initial Work Before Setup

3.1.1 Initial Work Before Setup
Before you start setting up the XSCF, cable connection, initial login authentication for the server, and other work must be done so that you can connect to the XSCF from any terminal capable of a serial connection or LAN connection.

The system administrator and field engineers are requested to set up the XSCF after they perform the following work.
Table 3-1  Work to be Done Before XSCF Setup
Work See
Perform initial login authentication for the XSCF by using the default user account of the XSCF. "Logging In to the XSCF" in the Installation Guide for your server.
Register at least one user account that has the platadm or useradm user privilege. "3.5  Creating/Managing XSCF Users"
During regular operation, set the Mode switch to Locked to prevent operation mistakes.
For the switching method of the Mode switch, see "13.2  Switching the Operating Mode."