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active maintenance

3.2 Active Maintenance


cable, types of

2.5 Confirming the Types of Cable

component list

Appendix A Component List

component specifications

Appendix B Component Specifications

components, names and locations of

2.1 Identifying the Names and Locations of Components

CPU memory unit

Chapter 9 Maintaining the CPU Memory Unit/Memory

crossbar unit

Chapter 15 Maintaining the Crossbar Units


emergency power off

1.7 Emergency Power Off

entire system, starting

6.8 Starting the Entire System

entire system, stopping

5.6 Stopping the Entire System

external interface

Appendix D External Interface Specifications


failure, identifying

4.2.2 Identifying a failure

fan unit

Chapter 11 Maintaining the Fan Units


inactive maintenance

3.3 Inactive Maintenance

internal disk

Chapter 10 Maintaining the Internal Disks



1.3 Labels/Tags

LED indications

2.4 Checking the LED Indications

lithium battery, location

E.1 Location of the Lithium Battery

lithium battery, removing

Appendix E Removing the Lithium Battery

E.2 Removing the Lithium Battery


maintenance, types

Chapter 3 Types of Maintenance


Oracle Solaris

Appendix C Oracle Solaris Troubleshooting Commands


PCI Express card

Chapter 8 Maintaining the PCI Express Cards

PCIe cable connector

9.10.1 Installing the CPU memory unit upper

physical partition, powering off

5.5 Powering Off the Physical Partition Requiring Maintenance

physical partition, powering on

6.7 Powering On the Physical Partition Requiring Maintenance

power supply unit

Chapter 12 Maintaining the Power Supply Units

PSU backplane unit

Chapter 13 Maintaining the PSU Backplane Unit/Operation Panel


system, restoring

Chapter 6 Restoring the System

system-stopped maintenance

3.4 System-stopped Maintenance



1.3 Labels/Tags

troubleshooting commands

Appendix C Oracle Solaris Troubleshooting Commands


warning labels

1.2 Warning Labels


XSCF BB control cable

Chapter 16 Maintaining the XSCF BB Control Cables

XSCF DUAL control cable

Chapter 17 Maintaining the XSCF DUAL Control Cables