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Appendix A Component List

Appendix A Component List
This appendix describes the components in the SPARC M10-4/M10-4S configuration.
Figure A-1  Locations of components of SPARC M10-4/M10-4S
Figure A-1  Locations of components of SPARC M10-4/M10-4S
Location number Component
1 CPU memory unit upper
2 Side cover
3 Memory
4 PSU backplane unit
5 Fan shelf
6 Fan unit
7 Front cover
8 Internal disk
9 Power supply unit
10 Operation panel
11 PCI Express card cassette
12 PCI Express card
13 Crossbar unit mounting frame (*1)
14 Crossbar unit (*1)
15 CPU memory unit lower
16 CMU filler unit
17 Disk filler
18 PCIe card filler
*1 Not mounted on the SPARC M10-4.