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1.5 Precautions on Static Electricity

1.5 Precautions on Static Electricity
Caution - Observe the precautions concerning the electrostatic discharge (ESD) as described in Table 1-1 to ensure the safety of personnel and the system.
Table 1-1  ESD precautions
Item Precaution
Wrist strap Wear an antistatic wrist strap when handling printed boards and components containing electronic components.
ESD mat An approved ESD mat provides protection from static damage when used together with a wrist strap. The mat also acts as a cushion to protect the small parts that are attached to printed boards.
Antistatic bag/
ESD safe packaging box
After removing a printed board or component, place it in the antistatic bag or ESD safe packaging box.
How to use a wrist strap
Wear a wrist strap in such a way that the inner metal surface (A in Figure 1-4) of the wrist strap band is in contact with your skin. Connect the clip (B in Figure 1-4) directly to the chassis.
Caution - Do not connect the wrist strap clip to the ESD mat. By connecting the wrist strap clip to the chassis, the operator and components have the same electrical potential, thus eliminating the danger of static damage.
Figure 1-4  Wrist strap connection destination
Figure 1-4  Wrist strap connection destination