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9.3 Maintenance Precautions

9.3 Maintenance Precautions
Note the following points when you maintain the CPU memory unit:
Caution - The weight of the CPU memory unit is 17 kg (37.4 lb). If the mounting location in the rack is 24U or higher, the maintenance work must be done by two people. If you attempt to perform the maintenance work alone, you may injure yourself or cause damage to the chassis.
  1. Do not replace the CPU memory unit lower at the same time as the PSU backplane unit. If you replace them at the same time, the system may fail to operate normally.
  2. Do not mount and use any of the following microSD cards in the CPU memory unit lower in another chassis:
    - the one currently mounted in the SPARC M10-4/M10-4S, or

    - one that was once used as a maintenance part

    This is because these microSD cards store device identification information.
  3. The XSCF mounted in the CPU memory unit lower is not a FRU (field replaceable unit). When replacing the CPU memory unit lower, do not switch the XSCF units.
  4. If you switch the microSD card when replacing the CPU memory unit lower, the maintenance time is shorter since the XSCF setting information is inherited.
  5. If you replace the microSD card along with the CPU memory unit lower, dispose of the microSD card mounted on the old CPU memory unit lower by appropriate means such as cutting it with cutting pliers. The old microSD card stores the user information, IP address, and other information set in the XSCF firmware.
  6. If the device uses the hardware RAID function, after replacing the CPU memory unit lower, you need to reactivate the hardware RAID volume. For details, see "14.2.11 Re-enabling a Hardware RAID Volume" in the Fujitsu SPARC M12 and Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 System Operation and Administration Guide.
  7. When installing the CPU memory unit upper, you need to perform the work of adding PCIe cables. For details, see "9.6 Installing a PCI Express Cable."
  8. When you install/remove the CPU memory unit upper, the root complex is also installed/removed. As a result, the PCIe card installation rules, etc. may change and the logical domains may need to be reconfigured. For details, see "4.3.2 Precautions for installation" or "4.3.3 Precautions for reduction."