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2.4.1 Operation panel LEDs

2.4.1 Operation panel LEDs
The three LEDs on the operation panel indicate the operation status of the entire system. In addition, the LEDs enable you to check the system status by their combination of being on, blinking, or off.
Table 2-9 lists the system operation status indicated by the LEDs, while Table 2-10 lists the system status indicated by the combination of LEDs.
For the locations of the LEDs, see Figure 2-9.
Table 2-9  System operation status indicated by LEDs
Icon Name Color Description
power POWER Green Indicates the startup or stop status of the system for each chassis.
● On: System is started.

● Blinking: System is being stopped.

● Off: System is stopped.
xscf standby XSCF
Green Indicates the status of the XSCF for the entire system or for each chassis.
● On: XSCF is functioning normally.

● Blinking: XSCF is being initialized.

● Off: XSCF is stopped. Alternatively, it has been disconnected from the building block configuration.
check CHECK Amber Indicates the system operation status for each chassis.
● On: Hardware has detected an error.

● Blinking: Chassis specified at execution of the XSCF command instructing the blinking. This (locator) is used to identify the location of the chassis requiring maintenance.

● Off: Normal, or the power is disconnected or not being supplied.
Table 2-10  System status indicated by combination of LEDs
LED state Description
power xscf standby check
Off Off Off Power is disconnected.
Off Off On The XSCF has detected an error before system start or after system stop.
Off Blinking Off The XSCF is being initialized.
Off On Off The XSCF is in the standby state.
The system is waiting for power-on of the air conditioning facilities (in the data center).
On On Off Warm-up standby processing is in progress. After the end of this processing, the system starts up.
System startup processing is in progress.
The system is operating.
On On On Although the system is operating normally, an error has been detected.
Blinking On Off System stop processing is in progress. After the end of processing, the fan unit stops.