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2.2.2 Checking memory information

2.2.2 Checking memory information
Check the type and size of the memory by using the showhardconf command of the XSCF firmware.
  1. Log in to the XSCF shell.
  2. Execute the showhardconf command to check the memory information.
    The capacity and rank of the memory are displayed.
XSCF> showhardconf

BB#00 Status:Normal; Role:Slave; Ver:2003h; Serial:2081231002;
+ FRU-Part-Number:CA07361-D202 A1 ;
+ Power_Supply_System:Single;
+ Memory_Size:256 GB;
CMUL Status:Normal; Ver:0101h; Serial:PP123002Z4 ;
+ FRU-Part-Number:CA07361-D941 A8 ;
+ Memory_Size:128 GB; Type: B ;
CPU#0 Status:Normal; Ver:4142h; Serial:00010448;
+ Freq:3.700 GHz; Type:0x20;
+ Core:16; Strand:2;
CPU#1 Status:Normal; Ver:4142h; Serial:00010418;
+ Freq:3.700 GHz; Type:0x20;
+ Core:16; Strand:2;
MEM#00A Status:Normal;
+ Code:ce8002M393B5270DH0-YK0 0000-85D0AD54;
+ Type:01; Size:4 GB;
MEM#01A Status:Normal;
+ Code:ce8002M393B5270DH0-YK0 0000-85D0AD67;
+ Type:01; Size:4 GB;
Figure 2-6  How to read the memory information
Figure 2-6  How to read the memory information