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15.4 Installing a Crossbar Unit

15.4 Installing a Crossbar Unit
This section describes the procedure for installing a crossbar unit.
Caution - When mounting a crossbar unit, check the connectors on both of the chassis and crossbar unit beforehand to confirm that no pin is bent and all the pins are neatly arranged in lines. If a crossbar unit is mounted with a bent pin in a connector, the chassis or crossbar unit may be damaged. Also, carefully proceed with the work to prevent any pin from being bent.
  1. Open the eject levers of the crossbar unit.
  2. Support the crossbar unit from below with one hand and then carefully insert it into the mounting frame.
  3. Close the eject levers and tighten the two screws securing the crossbar unit.
Note - When installing a crossbar unit, insert it to the back of the device with the eject levers kept open. That is, leave the levers in their up and down positions. If you close the eject levers before inserting the crossbar unit, you cannot install it.
Once you insert the crossbar unit to the back of the device, the eject levers move in the directions of their closed positions. Push the eject levers by hand to securely close them.
  1. Connect all the crossbar cables to the crossbar unit.
    For details, see "14.4 Installing the Crossbar Cables."
Note - Connect the crossbar cables correctly according to the corresponding cable position labels.
The FRU installation work is completed. See "Chapter 7 Maintenance Flow" to continue maintenance work.