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B.6 PCI Express Card

B.6 PCI Express Card
Up to eight PCIe cards can be mounted in a SPARC M10-4S with a crossbar unit mounted. For a SPARC M10-4 with no crossbar unit mounted, up to 11 PCIe cards can be mounted.
Table B-6 lists the specifications of the PCIe card.
Table B-6  Specifications of PCIe card (SPARC M10-4/M10-4S)
Item Description
Maximum number of PCIe cards
11 (*1)
Location Rear of chassis
Type of maintenance See "Table 7-2 List of available maintenance types by FRU."
Maintenance category Replacement, expansion, and reduction
*1 Can be mounted only on a SPARC M10-4.
For the maintenance procedure, see "Chapter 8 Maintaining the PCI Express Cards."