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B.1 CPU Memory Unit

B.1 CPU Memory Unit
The CPU memory unit of the SPARC M10-4/M10-4S consists of two units: the upper unit and lower unit.
The CPU memory unit lower consists of the following components.
  1. CPU
  2. Memory
  3. XSCF
  4. PCI Express (PCIe) backplane
The CPU memory unit upper consists of the following components.
  1. CPU
  2. Memory
CPU and XSCF are directly installed on the CPU memory unit. Thus you cannot replace the CPU and XSCF individually.
Each CPU memory unit upper and CPU memory unit lower is available in eight different types based on the combination of CPU type and the number of memory slots.
Table B-1 lists the specifications of the CPU memory unit.
Table B-1  Specifications of CPU memory unit (SPARC M10-4/M10-4S)
Item Description
Maximum number of CPU memory units 2
Location Inside of chassis
Type of maintenance See "Table 7-2 List of available maintenance types by FRU."
Maintenance category Replacement, expansion, and reduction
For the maintenance procedure, see "Chapter 9 Maintaining the CPU Memory Unit/Memory."