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6.3.3 Checking the FRU status after maintenance

6.3.3 Checking the FRU status after maintenance
This section describes the procedure for confirming that the FRU is operating normally after the completion of maintenance.
  1. Log in to the XSCF shell.
  2. Execute the showstatus command.
    Nothing is displayed when it is normal.
XSCF> showstatus
  1. Execute the showlogs error command.
    Confirm that no new errors are displayed.
XSCF> showlogs error
  1. Execute the showhardconf command.
    Confirm that no asterisk (*) is displayed in front of any FRU.
XSCF> showhardconf
SPARC M10-4;
+ Serial:2081230012; Operator_Panel_Switch:Service;
+ System_Power:Off; System_Phase:Cabinet Power Off;
BB#00 Status:Normal; Role:Master; Ver:2209h; Serial:2081231002;
+ FRU-Part-Number:CA07361-D203 A2 /9999999 ;
+ Power_Supply_System:Single;
+ Memory_Size:512 GB;
CMUL Status:Normal; Ver:0301h; Serial:PP140601D9 ;
+ FRU-Part-Number:CA07361-D251 A4 /9999999 ;
+ Memory_Size:256 GB; Type: B ; (*1)
CPU#0 Status:Normal; Ver:4142h; Serial:00020203;
+ Freq:3.700 GHz; Type:0x20; (*2)
+ Core:16; Strand:2; (*3)

PCI#0 Status:Normal; Name_Property:pci;
+ Vendor-ID:108e; Device-ID:9020;
+ Subsystem_Vendor-ID:0000; Subsystem-ID:0000;
+ Model:;
+ Connection:7001;
PCIBOX#7001; Status:Faulted; Ver:1110h; Serial:2121237001;
+ FRU-Part-Number:;
IOB Status:Normal; Serial:PP123403JE ;
+ FRU-Part-Number:CA20365-B66X 008AG ;
LINKBOARD Status:Normal; Serial:PP1234026P ;
+ FRU-Part-Number:CA20365-B60X 001AA ;
PCI#1 Name_Property:ethernet;
+ Vendor-ID:1077; Device-ID:8000;
+ Subsystem_Vendor-ID:1077; Subsystem-ID:017e;
+ Model:;
*1 Type: B is displayed for a CMU that has the SPARC64 X+ processor mounted. Type: A is displayed for a CMU that has the SPARC64 X processor mounted.
*2 If the SPARC64 X+ processor is mounted, 3.700 GHz; Type:0x20 is displayed. If the SPARC64 X processor is mounted, 3.000 GHz; Type:0x10 is displayed.
*3 If the SPARC64 X+ (3.7 GHz (eight-core)) processor is mounted, "Core:8" is displayed.