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6.7 Powering On the Physical Partition Requiring Maintenance

6.7 Powering On the Physical Partition Requiring Maintenance
This section describes the procedure for powering on a physical partition requiring maintenance.
  1. Switch the mode switches of the master chassis and those chassis (BB-ID#00, #01) whose XSCFs are in the standby state to Locked mode.
  2. Log in to the XSCF shell.
  3. Execute the showstatus command to confirm that the FRU is operating normally after the completion of maintenance.
    Nothing is displayed when it is normal.
XSCF> showstatus
  1. Execute the showhardconf command to check the hardware configuration and the status of each FRU.
XSCF> showhardconf
  1. If the state of the master chassis requiring maintenance has been switched to the standby state before maintenance, execute the switchscf command to switch the chassis to the master XSCF.
XSCF> switchscf -t Standby
  1. Execute the poweron command to power on the stopped physical partition.
    In the following example, PPAR-ID 0 is specified.
XSCF> poweron -p 0