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4.2.3 Downloading error log information

4.2.3 Downloading error log information
This section describes the operations for downloading error log information.
To download error log information, use the XSCF log fetch function. The XSCF unit has a maintenance USB port so that maintenance information such as error logs can be obtained easily. (The port is marked as MAINTENANCE on the rear panel.) For details, see "12.1.15 Saving a Log to a File With Snapshot" and "12.1.16 Saving a Log to a Local USB Device" in the Fujitsu SPARC M12 and Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 System Operation and Administration Guide.
In the following example, detailed information on the error logs of all chassis in the system in a building block configuration is downloaded to the USB memory connected to the USB port.
XSCF> snapshot -d usb0 -L F -r -a -v
Testing writability of USB device....SUCCESS
About to remove all files from device 'usb0'. Continue? [Y|N] : y
BB#00: start to execute snapshot
BB#01: start to execute snapshot
Collecting data into /media/usb_msd/<hostname>_<ipaddress>_<date>.zip
Data collection complete.