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1.6 Other Precautions

1.6 Other Precautions
Caution - Observe the precautions shown below to ensure the safety of the system.
  1. The printed boards in a chassis can be easily damaged by static electricity. To prevent damage to printed boards, wear a wrist strap and ground it to the chassis prior to starting maintenance.
  2. When mounting any component in the chassis, check the connectors on both of the chassis and component beforehand to confirm that none of the pins are bent and that all the pins are neatly arranged in lines. If a component is mounted with a bent pin in a connector, the chassis or component may be damaged. Also, carefully proceed with the work to prevent any pin from being bent.
  3. If excessive force is applied to the CPU memory unit, the components mounted on printed boards may be damaged. When handling the CPU memory unit, observe the following precautions:
    Hold the CPU memory unit by the metal frame.

    When removing the CPU memory unit from the packaging, keep the CPU memory unit horizontal until you lay it on the cushioned ESD mat.

    Connectors and components on the CPU memory unit have thin pins that bend easily. Therefore, do not place the CPU memory unit on a hard surface.

    Be careful not to damage the small parts located on both sides of the CPU memory unit.
  4. The heat sinks can be damaged by incorrect handling. Do not touch the heat sinks with your hands or other objects while replacing or removing CPU memory units. If a heat sink is disconnected or broken, obtain a replacement CPU memory unit. When storing or carrying a CPU memory unit, ensure that the heat sinks are sufficiently protected.
  5. When removing a cable such as the LAN cable, if you cannot reach the latch lock of the connector, use a flat headed screwdriver etc. to push the latch and release the cable. If you use force to remove the cable, the LAN port of the CPU memory unit or the PCI Express (PCIe) cards may be damaged.
  6. Do not use any power cord other than the specified one.
  7. Check the appearance of the products before starting work. When unpacking them, confirm that no unit is deformed, no connector is damaged, and there are no other such defects.
    Do not mount the products that have a defect in the appearance. Mounting a product that has a defect in appearance may damage the SPARC M10-4/M10-4S.