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5.6.1 Stopping the system with the XSCF command

5.6.1 Stopping the system with the XSCF command
  1. Confirm that the mode switch on the operation panel is in Service mode.
  2. Log in to the XSCF shell.
  3. Execute the poweroff command.
    Enter "y" in response to the confirmation message.
    In the following example, the displayed status of PPAR-IDs 00, 01, and 02 is "Powering off," so you can see that the power-off instruction for the physical partition completed successfully.
XSCF> poweroff -a
PPAR-IDs to power off:00,01,02
Continue? [y|n] :y
00 : Powering off

01 : Powering off

02 : Powering off
  1. The following processes are performed.
    - Oracle Solaris is completely shut down.

    - The system stops and enters the POWERON READY state (The XSCF is running).
Note - The order in which logical domains shut down depends on the shut-down group setting of Oracle VM Server for SPARC.
  1. Confirm that the POWER LED on the operation panel is off.
Note - For a building block configuration, check the POWER LEDs on all the chassis that make up the system.
  1. Execute the showpparstatus command to confirm that the power to the physical partition has been turned off.
    In the following example, [PPAR Status] displays "Powered Off" for PPAR-IDs 00, 01, and 02, indicating that the power to all the physical partitions has been turned off.
XSCF> showpparstatus -a
00 Powered Off

01 Powered Off
02 Powered Off
  1. Execute the showdomainstatus command to check the operating condition of the logical domains.
    In the following example, [Status] of the logical domain displays "Solaris powering down", which indicates that Oracle Solaris is powering off.
XSCF> showdomainstatus -p 0
Logical Domain Name Status
primary Solaris powering down
4S-159-D0-G0 Solaris powering down
4S-159-D0-G1 Solaris powering down
4S-159-D0-G2 Solaris powering down