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3.2 Active Maintenance

3.2 Active Maintenance
The type of maintenance performed with Oracle Solaris operating on the physical partition is referred to as active maintenance. Note that active/cold maintenance is not supported in a system that uses one SPARC M10-4 or SPARC M10-4S unit.
Table 3-3 shows whether active maintenance is enabled for each FRU.
Table 3-3  Whether active maintenance (replacement/addition/removal) is enabled for each FRU
-: Maintenance cannot be performed.
FRU Single-chassis configuration Building block configuration
Active/hot maintenance Active/hot maintenance Active/cold maintenance (*6)
CPU memory unit - - OK
Memory - - OK
Crossbar unit (*1) - - -
Power supply unit OK (*3) OK (*3) OK
Fan unit OK (*3) OK (*3) OK
Internal disk OK (*4) OK (*4) OK
PCIe card OK (*5) OK (*5) OK
PSU backplane unit - - OK
Operation panel - - OK
Crossbar cable (*2) - - -
XSCF BB control cable (*2) - - OK
XSCF DUAL control cable (*2) - - OK
*1 The unit is mounted only in the SPARC M10-4S.
*2 The cable is mounted only in a building block configuration using the SPARC M10-4S.
*3 This is enabled only if the target FRU is in a redundant configuration. For the redundant configuration, we recommend active/hot maintenance that has a short work time.
*4 If the target internal disk is the boot device, you cannot use this form of maintenance when the configuration is not a redundant configuration (RAID configuration). If it is not the boot device, or if even the boot device is redundantly configured, we recommend active/hot maintenance that has a short work time.
*5 Maintenance work is performed using PCI hot plug (PHP). Combined with dynamic SR-IOV or the dynamic reconfiguration function for PCIe end point devices, it also enables active maintenance of a PCIe card assigned as the SR-IOV virtual function or PCIe end point, to an I/O domain.
*6 All FRUs are subject to this maintenance. It is necessary to use dynamic reconfiguration (DR) to disconnect the chassis requiring maintenance from the physical partition.