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5.1 Preparing Tools Required for Maintenance

5.1 Preparing Tools Required for Maintenance
Table 5-1 lists the tools required for FRU maintenance.
Table 5-1  Maintenance tools
Item Use
Phillips screwdriver (No.2) For removing or installing screws
Flathead screwdriver (small) Used when installing the CPU memory unit upper
Wrist strapĀ  For static grounding
ESD mat For static grounding
SAS-2 Integrated RAIDĀ Configuration Utility (*1) Hardware RAID volume maintenance
*1 For details on how to obtain SAS-2 Integrated RAID Configuration Utility (SAS2IRCU) (referred to below as the SAS2IRCU utility) and the user guide, see "Obtaining SAS-2 Integrated RAID Configuration Utility" in the latest version of the Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 Systems Product Notes.