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9.8 Removing Memory

9.8 Removing Memory
This section describes the procedure for removing memory.
When replacing a CPU memory unit, you need to remount the memory. Mount the memory in the same mounting locations as in the replaced unit.
For memory removal, see "2.2 Checking the Memory Configuration Rules," and remove memory accordingly.
Caution - Before you handle any components, wear a wrist strap to ground any static electricity. If you perform this procedure without a wrist strap, individual components or the overall system may be damaged. For details, see "1.5 Precautions on Static Electricity."
  1. Move the latch of the memory slot outward, and then remove the memory by pulling it straight up.
Note - Place the removed memory on a grounded static-removal ESD mat.
Figure 9-60  Removing memory
Figure 9-60  Removing memory