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13.4 FRU Removal and Installation Flow

13.4 FRU Removal and Installation Flow
Perform maintenance work on the PSU backplane unit and operation panel by following the procedures shown in Figure 13-3 and Table 13-1.
The workflow assumes that the chassis requiring maintenance has been removed in "7.2  FRU Replacement Workflow."
Figure 13-3  Maintenance workflow
Figure 13-3  Maintenance workflow
Table 13-1  Maintenance workflow and procedures
Item Maintenance work procedure Reference
1 Accessing a CPU memory unit 9.5.1  Accessing a CPU memory unit
2 Removing a CPU memory unit from the chassis 9.5.2  Removing a CPU memory unit from the chassis
3 Removing an internal disk 10.4  Removing an Internal Disk
4 Removing all the fan units 11.3  Removing a Fan Unit
5 Removing a power supply unit 12.3  Removing a Power Supply Unit
6 Removing the PSU backplane unit 13.5.1  Removing the PSU backplane unit
7 Removing the operation panel 13.5.2  Removing the operation panel
8 Installing the operation panel 13.6.1  Installing the operation panel
9 Installing the PSU backplane unit 13.6.2  Installing the PSU backplane unit
10 Installing a power supply unit 12.4  Installing a Power Supply Unit
11 Installing all the fan units 11.4  Installing a Fan Unit
12 Installing an internal disk 10.5  Installing an Internal Disk
13 Installing the CPU memory unit in the chassis 9.10.2  Installing the CPU memory unit in the chassis