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8.4.1 Removing a PCI Express card cassette

8.4.1 Removing a PCI Express card cassette
There are two types of PCIe card cassette. The shapes of the latch (A in the figure) and lever (B in the figure) vary depending on the type of the PCIe card cassette, but the same removal procedure applies. For the types of PCIe card cassettes, see "Figure 8-3."
Unless otherwise specified, the figures explained in this section use Type-1.
Figure 8-3  Types of PCIe card cassettes
Figure 8-3  Types of PCIe card cassettes
  1. If the crossbar cables are fixed to the cable support with the hook-and-loop fastener, remove the hook-and-loop fastener.
  2. Remove the cables connected to the PCIe card cassette requiring maintenance.
Note - Record the positions of the cables before removing them to ensure that they are reinstalled correctly.
  1. Lower the lever (B in the figure) of the PCIe card cassette while pushing the latch (A in the figure).
Figure 8-4  Lever of PCIe card cassette
Figure 8-4  Lever of PCIe card cassette
  1. Hold the lever and carefully pull the PCIe card cassette out of the PCI slot to remove it.
Note - Place the removed PCIe card cassette on a grounded antistatic ESD mat.
Figure 8-5  Removing the PCIe card cassette
Figure 8-5  Removing the PCIe card cassette