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14.4 Installing the Crossbar Cables

14.4 Installing the Crossbar Cables
This section describes the procedure for connecting the crossbar cables.
  1. Attach the supplied connection destination label to the new replacement crossbar cable.
    For the new crossbar cable, use the same type of label as the one on the cable requiring maintenance and write the same port number on it.
  2. Connect a pair of crossbar cables to each chassis.
    Insert each crossbar cable by holding the connector part of the cable and inserting it straight into the opening. Do not hold the cable part or the tab part when inserting the cable.
Caution - If you insert a connector with the tab pulled, the connector may be damaged.
Note - There is no problem if you connect the crossbar cables (optical) at the crossbar box while electricity is supplied.
Note - Confirm that the crossbar cables are correctly connected and firmly secured.
Note - After installing the crossbar cables, use the hook-and-loop fastener to bundle the cables on the rear side together and secure them to the cable support.
Note - There are three types of crossbar cables (optical). You can distinguish the type of crossbar cable (optical) by the tab shape.
  1. Confirm that the crossbar cables are correctly and firmly connected.
    With the crossbar cables connected to their ports, push in each cable while holding the joint (A in Figure 14-9) at the base of the crossbar cable connector.
Caution - A loose crossbar cable connection may, on rare occasions, cause an error due to poor connection. After connecting a crossbar cable, push it in again so that it is tightly in place to prevent any improper connection. Do not hold only the cable when performing work at this time. Otherwise, the cable may bend out of shape.
Figure 14-9  Part to Hold When Checking a Crossbar Cable Connection
Figure 14-9  Part to Hold When Checking a Crossbar Cable Connection
The FRU installation work is completed. See "Chapter 7 Maintenance Flow" to continue maintenance work.