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  9. B.5 9BB Configuration to 16BB Configuration (Connections through Crossbar Boxes)

B.5 9BB Configuration to 16BB Configuration (Connections through Crossbar Boxes)

B.5 9BB Configuration to 16BB Configuration (Connections through Crossbar Boxes)
Figure B-9  Crossbar cable (optical) correspondence diagram (expansion rack 1 side)
Figure B-9  Crossbar cable (optical) correspondence diagram (expansion rack 1 side)
Note - The colored areas in the diagram indicate the cables that pass between the racks. See the correspondence tables in Table B-13 and Table B-14.
Table B-9  Crossbar cable (optical) correspondence table (system 0 of expansion rack 1)
Connected chassis SPARC M10-4S side Crossbar box side
BB#00 - XBBOX#80 BB00-XBU0-0L (pink) XB80-XBU0-L0 (pink)
  BB00-XBU0-0L (black) XB80-XBU0-L0 (black)
  BB00-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB80-XBU0-R0 (light blue)
  BB00-XBU0-0R (black) XB80-XBU0-R0 (black)
  BB00-XBU0-1L (pink) XB80-XBU1-L0 (pink)
  BB00-XBU0-1L (black) XB80-XBU1-L0 (black)
  BB00-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB80-XBU1-R0 (light blue)
  BB00-XBU0-1R (black) XB80-XBU1-R0 (black)
BB#01 - XBBOX#80 BB01-XBU0-0L (pink) XB80-XBU0-L1 (pink)
  BB01-XBU0-0L (black) XB80-XBU0-L1 (black)
  BB01-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB80-XBU0-R1 (light blue)
  BB01-XBU0-0R (black) XB80-XBU0-R1 (black)
  BB01-XBU0-1L (pink) XB80-XBU1-L1 (pink)
  BB01-XBU0-1L (black) XB80-XBU1-L1 (black)
  BB01-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB80-XBU1-R1 (light blue)
  BB01-XBU0-1R (black) XB80-XBU1-R1 (black)
BB#02 - XBBOX#80 BB02-XBU0-0L (pink) XB80-XBU0-L2 (pink)
  BB02-XBU0-0L (black) XB80-XBU0-L2 (black)
  BB02-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB80-XBU0-R2 (light blue)
  BB02-XBU0-0R (black) XB80-XBU0-R2 (black)
  BB02-XBU0-1L (pink) XB80-XBU1-L2 (pink)
  BB02-XBU0-1L (black) XB80-XBU1-L2 (black)
  BB02-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB80-XBU1-R2 (light blue)
  BB02-XBU0-1R (black) XB80-XBU1-R2 (black)
BB#03 - XBBOX#80 BB03-XBU0-0L (pink) XB80-XBU0-L3 (pink)
  BB03-XBU0-0L (black) XB80-XBU0-L3 (black)
  BB03-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB80-XBU0-R3 (light blue)
  BB03-XBU0-0R (black) XB80-XBU0-R3 (black)
  BB03-XBU0-1L (pink) XB80-XBU1-L3 (pink)
  BB03-XBU0-1L (black) XB80-XBU1-L3 (black)
  BB03-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB80-XBU1-R3 (light blue)
  BB03-XBU0-1R (black) XB80-XBU1-R3 (black)
BB#04 - XBBOX#80 BB04-XBU0-0L (pink) XB80-XBU0-L4 (pink)
  BB04-XBU0-0L (black) XB80-XBU0-L4 (black)
  BB04-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB80-XBU0-R4 (light blue)
  BB04-XBU0-0R (black) XB80-XBU0-R4 (black)
  BB04-XBU0-2L (pink) XB80-XBU2-L0 (pink)
  BB04-XBU0-2L (black) XB80-XBU2-L0 (black)
  BB04-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB80-XBU2-R0 (light blue)
  BB04-XBU0-2R (black) XB80-XBU2-R0 (black)
BB#05 - XBBOX#80 BB05-XBU0-0L (pink) XB80-XBU0-L5 (pink)
  BB05-XBU0-0L (black) XB80-XBU0-L5 (black)
  BB05-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB80-XBU0-R5 (light blue)
  BB05-XBU0-0R (black) XB80-XBU0-R5 (black)
  BB05-XBU0-2L (pink) XB80-XBU2-L1 (pink)
  BB05-XBU0-2L (black) XB80-XBU2-L1 (black)
  BB05-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB80-XBU2-R1 (light blue)
  BB05-XBU0-2R (black) XB80-XBU2-R1 (black)
BB#06 - XBBOX#80 BB06-XBU0-0L (pink) XB80-XBU0-L6 (pink)
  BB06-XBU0-0L (black) XB80-XBU0-L6 (black)
  BB06-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB80-XBU0-R6 (light blue)
  BB06-XBU0-0R (black) XB80-XBU0-R6 (black)
  BB06-XBU0-2L (pink) XB80-XBU2-L2 (pink)
  BB06-XBU0-2L (black) XB80-XBU2-L2 (black)
  BB06-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB80-XBU2-R2 (light blue)
  BB06-XBU0-2R (black) XB80-XBU2-R2 (black)
BB#07 - XBBOX#80 BB07-XBU0-0L (pink) XB80-XBU0-L7 (pink)
  BB07-XBU0-0L (black) XB80-XBU0-L7 (black)
  BB07-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB80-XBU0-R7 (light blue)
  BB07-XBU0-0R (black) XB80-XBU0-R7 (black)
  BB07-XBU0-2L (pink) XB80-XBU2-L3 (pink)
  BB07-XBU0-2L (black) XB80-XBU2-L3 (black)
  BB07-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB80-XBU2-R3 (light blue)
  BB07-XBU0-2R (black) XB80-XBU2-R3 (black)
Table B-10  Crossbar cable (optical) correspondence table (system 1 of expansion rack 1)
Connected chassis SPARC M10-4S side Crossbar box side
BB#00 - XBBOX#81 BB00-XBU1-0L (pink) XB81-XBU0-L0 (pink)
  BB00-XBU1-0L (black) XB81-XBU0-L0 (black)
  BB00-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB81-XBU0-R0 (light blue)
  BB00-XBU1-0R (black) XB81-XBU0-R0 (black)
  BB00-XBU1-1L (pink) XB81-XBU1-L0 (pink)
  BB00-XBU1-1L (black) XB81-XBU1-L0 (black)
  BB00-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB81-XBU1-R0 (light blue)
  BB00-XBU1-1R (black) XB81-XBU1-R0 (black)
BB#01 - XBBOX#81 BB01-XBU1-0L (pink) XB81-XBU0-L1 (pink)
  BB01-XBU1-0L (black) XB81-XBU0-L1 (black)
  BB01-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB81-XBU0-R1 (light blue)
  BB01-XBU1-0R (black) XB81-XBU0-R1 (black)
  BB01-XBU1-1L (pink) XB81-XBU1-L1 (pink)
  BB01-XBU1-1L (black) XB81-XBU1-L1 (black)
  BB01-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB81-XBU1-R1 (light blue)
  BB01-XBU1-1R (black) XB81-XBU1-R1 (black)
BB#02 - XBBOX#81 BB02-XBU1-0L (pink) XB81-XBU0-L2 (pink)
  BB02-XBU1-0L (black) XB81-XBU0-L2 (black)
  BB02-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB81-XBU0-R2 (light blue)
  BB02-XBU1-0R (black) XB81-XBU0-R2 (black)
  BB02-XBU1-1L (pink) XB81-XBU1-L2 (pink)
  BB02-XBU1-1L (black) XB81-XBU1-L2 (black)
  BB02-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB81-XBU1-R2 (light blue)
  BB02-XBU1-1R (black) XB81-XBU1-R2 (black)
BB#03 - XBBOX#81 BB03-XBU1-0L (pink) XB81-XBU0-L3 (pink)
  BB03-XBU1-0L (black) XB81-XBU0-L3 (black)
  BB03-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB81-XBU0-R3 (light blue)
  BB03-XBU1-0R (black) XB81-XBU0-R3 (black)
  BB03-XBU1-1L (pink) XB81-XBU1-L3 (pink)
  BB03-XBU1-1L (black) XB81-XBU1-L3 (black)
  BB03-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB81-XBU1-R3 (light blue)
  BB03-XBU1-1R (black) XB81-XBU1-R3 (black)
BB#04 - XBBOX#81 BB04-XBU1-0L (pink) XB81-XBU0-L4 (pink)
  BB04-XBU1-0L (black) XB81-XBU0-L4 (black)
  BB04-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB81-XBU0-R4 (light blue)
  BB04-XBU1-0R (black) XB81-XBU0-R4 (black)
  BB04-XBU1-2L (pink) XB81-XBU2-L0 (pink)
  BB04-XBU1-2L (black) XB81-XBU2-L0 (black)
  BB04-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB81-XBU2-R0 (light blue)
  BB04-XBU1-2R (black) XB81-XBU2-R0 (black)
BB#05 - XBBOX#81 BB05-XBU1-0L (pink) XB81-XBU0-L5 (pink)
  BB05-XBU1-0L (black) XB81-XBU0-L5 (black)
  BB05-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB81-XBU0-R5 (light blue)
  BB05-XBU1-0R (black) XB81-XBU0-R5 (black)
  BB05-XBU1-2L (pink) XB81-XBU2-L1 (pink)
  BB05-XBU1-2L (black) XB81-XBU2-L1 (black)
  BB05-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB81-XBU2-R1 (light blue)
  BB05-XBU1-2R (black) XB81-XBU2-R1 (black)
BB#06 - XBBOX#81 BB06-XBU1-0L (pink) XB81-XBU0-L6 (pink)
  BB06-XBU1-0L (black) XB81-XBU0-L6 (black)
  BB06-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB81-XBU0-R6 (light blue)
  BB06-XBU1-0R (black) XB81-XBU0-R6 (black)
  BB06-XBU1-2L (pink) XB81-XBU2-L2 (pink)
  BB06-XBU1-2L (black) XB81-XBU2-L2 (black)
  BB06-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB81-XBU2-R2 (light blue)
  BB06-XBU1-2R (black) XB81-XBU2-R2 (black)
BB#07 - XBBOX#81 BB07-XBU1-0L (pink) XB81-XBU0-L7 (pink)
  BB07-XBU1-0L (black) XB81-XBU0-L7 (black)
  BB07-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB81-XBU0-R7 (light blue)
  BB07-XBU1-0R (black) XB81-XBU0-R7 (black)
  BB07-XBU1-2L (pink) XB81-XBU2-L3 (pink)
  BB07-XBU1-2L (black) XB81-XBU2-L3 (black)
  BB07-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB81-XBU2-R3 (light blue)
  BB07-XBU1-2R (black) XB81-XBU2-R3 (black)
Figure B-10  Crossbar cable (optical) correspondence diagram (expansion rack 2 side)
Figure B-10  Crossbar cable (optical) correspondence diagram (expansion rack 2 side)
Note - The colored areas in the diagram indicate the cables that pass between the racks. See the correspondence tables in Table B-13 and Table B-14.
Table B-11  Crossbar cable (optical) correspondence table (system 0 of expansion rack 2)
Connected chassis SPARC M10-4S side Crossbar box side
BB#08 - XBBOX#82 BB08-XBU0-0L (pink) XB82-XBU0-L0 (pink)
  BB08-XBU0-0L (black) XB82-XBU0-L0 (black)
  BB08-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB82-XBU0-R0 (light blue)
  BB08-XBU0-0R (black) XB82-XBU0-R0 (black)
BB#09 - XBBOX#82 BB09-XBU0-0L (pink) XB82-XBU0-L1 (pink)
  BB09-XBU0-0L (black) XB82-XBU0-L1 (black)
  BB09-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB82-XBU0-R1 (light blue)
  BB09-XBU0-0R (black) XB82-XBU0-R1 (black)
BB#10 - XBBOX#82 BB10-XBU0-0L (pink) XB82-XBU0-L2 (pink)
  BB10-XBU0-0L (black) XB82-XBU0-L2 (black)
  BB10-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB82-XBU0-R2 (light blue)
  BB10-XBU0-0R (black) XB82-XBU0-R2 (black)
BB#11 - XBBOX#82 BB11-XBU0-0L (pink) XB82-XBU0-L3 (pink)
  BB11-XBU0-0L (black) XB82-XBU0-L3 (black)
  BB11-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB82-XBU0-R3 (light blue)
  BB11-XBU0-0R (black) XB82-XBU0-R3 (black)
BB#12 - XBBOX#82 BB12-XBU0-0L (pink) XB82-XBU0-L4 (pink)
  BB12-XBU0-0L (black) XB82-XBU0-L4 (black)
  BB12-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB82-XBU0-R4 (light blue)
  BB12-XBU0-0R (black) XB82-XBU0-R4 (black)
  BB12-XBU0-1L (pink) XB82-XBU1-L4 (pink)
  BB12-XBU0-1L (black) XB82-XBU1-L4 (black)
  BB12-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB82-XBU1-R4 (light blue)
  BB12-XBU0-1R (black) XB82-XBU1-R4 (black)
  BB12-XBU0-2L (pink) XB82-XBU2-L4 (pink)
  BB12-XBU0-2L (black) XB82-XBU2-L4 (black)
  BB12-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB82-XBU2-R4 (light blue)
  BB12-XBU0-2R (black) XB82-XBU2-R4 (black)
BB#13 - XBBOX#82 BB13-XBU0-0L (pink) XB82-XBU0-L5 (pink)
  BB13-XBU0-0L (black) XB82-XBU0-L5 (black)
  BB13-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB82-XBU0-R5 (light blue)
  BB13-XBU0-0R (black) XB82-XBU0-R5 (black)
  BB13-XBU0-1L (pink) XB82-XBU1-L5 (pink)
  BB13-XBU0-1L (black) XB82-XBU1-L5 (black)
  BB13-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB82-XBU1-R5 (light blue)
  BB13-XBU0-1R (black) XB82-XBU1-R5 (black)
  BB13-XBU0-2L (pink) XB82-XBU2-L5 (pink)
  BB13-XBU0-2L (black) XB82-XBU2-L5 (black)
  BB13-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB82-XBU2-R5 (light blue)
  BB13-XBU0-2R (black) XB82-XBU2-R5 (black)
BB#14 - XBBOX#82 BB14-XBU0-0L (pink) XB82-XBU0-L6 (pink)
  BB14-XBU0-0L (black) XB82-XBU0-L6 (black)
  BB14-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB82-XBU0-R6 (light blue)
  BB14-XBU0-0R (black) XB82-XBU0-R6 (black)
  BB14-XBU0-1L (pink) XB82-XBU1-L6 (pink)
  BB14-XBU0-1L (black) XB82-XBU1-L6 (black)
  BB14-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB82-XBU1-R6 (light blue)
  BB14-XBU0-1R (black) XB82-XBU1-R6 (black)
  BB14-XBU0-2L (pink) XB82-XBU2-L6 (pink)
  BB14-XBU0-2L (black) XB82-XBU2-L6 (black)
  BB14-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB82-XBU2-R6 (light blue)
  BB14-XBU0-2R (black) XB82-XBU2-R6 (black)
BB#15 - XBBOX#82 BB15-XBU0-0L (pink) XB82-XBU0-L7 (pink)
  BB15-XBU0-0L (black) XB82-XBU0-L7 (black)
  BB15-XBU0-0R (light blue) XB82-XBU0-R7 (light blue)
  BB15-XBU0-0R (black) XB82-XBU0-R7 (black)
  BB15-XBU0-1L (pink) XB82-XBU1-L7 (pink)
  BB15-XBU0-1L (black) XB82-XBU1-L7 (black)
  BB15-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB82-XBU1-R7 (light blue)
  BB15-XBU0-1R (black) XB82-XBU1-R7 (black)
  BB15-XBU0-2L (pink) XB82-XBU2-L7 (pink)
  BB15-XBU0-2L (black) XB82-XBU2-L7 (black)
  BB15-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB82-XBU2-R7 (light blue)
  BB15-XBU0-2R (black) XB82-XBU2-R7 (black)
Table B-12  Crossbar cable (optical) correspondence table (system 1 of expansion rack 2)
Connected chassis SPARC M10-4S side Crossbar box side
BB#08 - XBBOX#83 BB08-XBU1-0L (pink) XB83-XBU0-L0 (pink)
  BB08-XBU1-0L (black) XB83-XBU0-L0 (black)
  BB08-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB83-XBU0-R0 (light blue)
  BB08-XBU1-0R (black) XB83-XBU0-R0 (black)
BB#09 - XBBOX#83 BB09-XBU1-0L (pink) XB83-XBU0-L1 (pink)
  BB09-XBU1-0L (black) XB83-XBU0-L1 (black)
  BB09-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB83-XBU0-R1 (light blue)
  BB09-XBU1-0R (black) XB83-XBU0-R1 (black)
BB#10 - XBBOX#83 BB10-XBU1-0L (pink) XB83-XBU0-L2 (pink)
  BB10-XBU1-0L (black) XB83-XBU0-L2 (black)
  BB10-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB83-XBU0-R2 (light blue)
  BB10-XBU1-0R (black) XB83-XBU0-R2 (black)
BB#11 - XBBOX#83 BB11-XBU1-0L (pink) XB83-XBU0-L3 (pink)
  BB11-XBU1-0L (black) XB83-XBU0-L3 (black)
  BB11-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB83-XBU0-R3 (light blue)
  BB11-XBU1-0R (black) XB83-XBU0-R3 (black)
BB#12 - XBBOX#83 BB12-XBU1-0L (pink) XB83-XBU0-L4 (pink)
  BB12-XBU1-0L (pink) XB83-XBU0-L4 (black)
  BB12-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB83-XBU0-R4 (light blue)
  BB12-XBU1-0R (black) XB83-XBU0-R4 (black)
  BB12-XBU1-1L (pink) XB83-XBU1-L4 (pink)
  BB12-XBU1-1L (black) XB83-XBU1-L4 (black)
  BB12-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB83-XBU1-R4 (light blue)
  BB12-XBU1-1R (black) XB83-XBU1-R4 (black)
  BB12-XBU1-2L (pink) XB83-XBU2-L4 (pink)
  BB12-XBU1-2L (black) XB83-XBU2-L4 (black)
  BB12-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB83-XBU2-R4 (light blue)
  BB12-XBU1-2R (black) XB83-XBU2-R4 (black)
BB#13 - XBBOX#83 BB13-XBU1-0L (pink) XB83-XBU0-L5 (pink)
  BB13-XBU1-0L (pink) XB83-XBU0-L5 (black)
  BB13-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB83-XBU0-R5 (light blue)
  BB13-XBU1-0R (black) XB83-XBU0-R5 (black)
  BB13-XBU1-1L (pink) XB83-XBU1-L5 (pink)
  BB13-XBU1-1L (black) XB83-XBU1-L5 (black)
  BB13-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB83-XBU1-R5 (light blue)
  BB13-XBU1-1R (black) XB83-XBU1-R5 (black)
  BB13-XBU1-2L (pink) XB83-XBU2-L5 (pink)
  BB13-XBU1-2L (black) XB83-XBU2-L5 (black)
  BB13-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB83-XBU2-R5 (light blue)
  BB13-XBU1-2R (black) XB83-XBU2-R5 (black)
BB#14 - XBBOX#83 BB14-XBU1-0L (pink) XB83-XBU0-L6 (pink)
  BB14-XBU1-0L (pink) XB83-XBU0-L6 (black)
  BB14-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB83-XBU0-R6 (light blue)
  BB14-XBU1-0R (black) XB83-XBU0-R6 (black)
  BB14-XBU1-1L (pink) XB83-XBU1-L6 (pink)
  BB14-XBU1-1L (black) XB83-XBU1-L6 (black)
  BB14-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB83-XBU1-R6 (light blue)
  BB14-XBU1-1R (black) XB83-XBU1-R6 (black)
  BB14-XBU1-2L (pink) XB83-XBU2-L6 (pink)
  BB14-XBU1-2L (black) XB83-XBU2-L6 (black)
  BB14-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB83-XBU2-R6 (light blue)
  BB14-XBU1-2R (black) XB83-XBU2-R6 (black)
BB#15 - XBBOX#83 BB15-XBU1-0L (pink) XB83-XBU0-L7 (pink)
  BB15-XBU1-0L (black) XB83-XBU0-L7 (black)
  BB15-XBU1-0R (light blue) XB83-XBU0-R7 (light blue)
  BB15-XBU1-0R (black) XB83-XBU0-R7 (black)
  BB15-XBU1-1L (pink) XB83-XBU1-L7 (pink)
  BB15-XBU1-1L (black) XB83-XBU1-L7 (black)
  BB15-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB83-XBU1-R7 (light blue)
  BB15-XBU1-1R (black) XB83-XBU1-R7 (black)
  BB15-XBU1-2L (pink) XB83-XBU2-L7 (pink)
  BB15-XBU1-2L (black) XB83-XBU2-L7 (black)
  BB15-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB83-XBU2-R7 (light blue)
  BB15-XBU1-2R (black) XB83-XBU2-R7 (black)
Table B-13  Crossbar cable (optical) correspondence table (cables between the racks)
Connected chassis SPARC M10-4S side Crossbar box side
BB#00 - XBBOX#82 BB00-XBU0-2L (pink) XB82-XBU2-L0 (pink)
  BB00-XBU0-2L (black) XB82-XBU2-L0 (black)
  BB00-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB82-XBU2-R0 (light blue)
  BB00-XBU0-2R (black) XB82-XBU2-R0 (black)
BB#00 - XBBOX#83 BB00-XBU1-2L (pink) XB83-XBU2-L0 (pink)
  BB00-XBU1-2L (black) XB83-XBU2-L0 (black)
  BB00-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB83-XBU2-R0 (light blue)
  BB00-XBU1-2R (black) XB83-XBU2-R0 (black)
BB#01 - XBBOX#82 BB01-XBU0-2L (pink) XB82-XBU2-L1 (pink)
  BB01-XBU0-2L (black) XB82-XBU2-L1 (black)
  BB01-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB82-XBU2-R1 (light blue)
  BB01-XBU0-2R (black) XB82-XBU2-R1 (black)
BB#01 - XBBOX#83 BB01-XBU1-2L (pink) XB83-XBU2-L1 (pink)
  BB01-XBU1-2L (black) XB83-XBU2-L1 (black)
  BB01-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB83-XBU2-R1 (light blue)
  BB01-XBU1-2R (black) XB83-XBU2-R1 (black)
BB#02 - XBBOX#82 BB02-XBU0-2L (pink) XB82-XBU2-L2 (pink)
  BB02-XBU0-2L (black) XB82-XBU2-L2 (black)
  BB02-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB82-XBU2-R2 (light blue)
  BB02-XBU0-2R (black) XB82-XBU2-R2 (black)
BB#02 - XBBOX#83 BB02-XBU1-2L (pink) XB83-XBU2-L2 (pink)
  BB02-XBU1-2L (black) XB83-XBU2-L2 (black)
  BB02-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB83-XBU2-R2 (light blue)
  BB02-XBU1-2R (black) XB83-XBU2-R2 (black)
BB#03 - XBBOX#82 BB03-XBU0-2L (pink) XB82-XBU2-L3 (pink)
  BB03-XBU0-2L (black) XB82-XBU2-L3 (black)
  BB03-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB82-XBU2-R3 (light blue)
  BB03-XBU0-2R (black) XB82-XBU2-R3 (black)
BB#03 - XBBOX#83 BB03-XBU1-2L (pink) XB83-XBU2-L3 (pink)
  BB03-XBU1-2L (black) XB83-XBU2-L3 (black)
  BB03-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB83-XBU2-R3 (light blue)
  BB03-XBU1-2R (black) XB83-XBU2-R3 (black)
BB#04 - XBBOX#82 BB04-XBU0-1L (pink) XB82-XBU1-L0 (pink)
  BB04-XBU0-1L (black) XB82-XBU1-L0 (black)
  BB04-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB82-XBU1-R0 (light blue)
  BB04-XBU0-1R (black) XB82-XBU1-R0 (black)
BB#04 - XBBOX#83 BB04-XBU1-1L (pink) XB83-XBU1-L0 (pink)
  BB04-XBU1-1L (black) XB83-XBU1-L0 (black)
  BB04-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB83-XBU1-R0 (light blue)
  BB04-XBU1-1R (black) XB83-XBU1-R0 (black)
BB#05 - XBBOX#82 BB05-XBU0-1L (pink) XB82-XBU1-L1 (pink)
  BB05-XBU0-1L (black) XB82-XBU1-L1 (black)
  BB05-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB82-XBU1-R1 (light blue)
  BB05-XBU0-1R (black) XB82-XBU1-R1 (black)
BB#05 - XBBOX#83 BB05-XBU1-1L (pink) XB83-XBU1-L1 (pink)
  BB05-XBU1-1L (black) XB83-XBU1-L1 (black)
  BB05-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB83-XBU1-R1 (light blue)
  BB05-XBU1-1R (black) XB83-XBU1-R1 (black)
BB#06 - XBBOX#82 BB06-XBU0-1L (pink) XB82-XBU1-L2 (pink)
  BB06-XBU0-1L (black) XB82-XBU1-L2 (black)
  BB06-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB82-XBU1-R2 (light blue)
  BB06-XBU0-1R (black) XB82-XBU1-R2 (black)
BB#06 - XBBOX#83 BB06-XBU1-1L (pink) XB83-XBU1-L2 (pink)
  BB06-XBU1-1L (black) XB83-XBU1-L2 (black)
  BB06-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB83-XBU1-R2 (light blue)
  BB06-XBU1-1R (black) XB83-XBU1-R2 (black)
BB#07 - XBBOX#82 BB07-XBU0-1L (pink) XB82-XBU1-L3 (pink)
  BB07-XBU0-1L (black) XB82-XBU1-L3 (black)
  BB07-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB82-XBU1-R3 (light blue)
  BB07-XBU0-1R (black) XB82-XBU1-R3 (black)
BB#07 - XBBOX#83 BB07-XBU1-1L (pink) XB83-XBU1-L3 (pink)
  BB07-XBU1-1L (black) XB83-XBU1-L3 (black)
  BB07-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB83-XBU1-R3 (light blue)
  BB07-XBU1-1R (black) XB83-XBU1-R3 (black)
Table B-14  Crossbar cable (optical) correspondence table (cables between the racks)
Connected chassis SPARC M10-4S side Crossbar box side
BB#08 - XBBOX#80 BB08-XBU0-1L (pink) XB80-XBU1-L4 (pink)
  BB08-XBU0-1L (black) XB80-XBU1-L4 (black)
  BB08-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB80-XBU1-R4 (light blue)
  BB08-XBU0-1R (black) XB80-XBU1-R4 (black)
  BB08-XBU0-2L (pink) XB80-XBU2-L4 (pink)
  BB08-XBU0-2L (black) XB80-XBU2-L4 (black)
  BB08-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB80-XBU2-R4 (light blue)
  BB08-XBU0-2R (black) XB80-XBU2-R4 (black)
BB#08 - XBBOX#81 BB08-XBU1-1L (pink) XB81-XBU1-L4 (pink)
  BB08-XBU1-1L (black) XB81-XBU1-L4 (black)
  BB08-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB81-XBU1-R4 (light blue)
  BB08-XBU1-1R (black) XB81-XBU1-R4 (black)
  BB08-XBU1-2L (pink) XB81-XBU2-L4 (pink)
  BB08-XBU1-2L (black) XB81-XBU2-L4 (black)
  BB08-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB81-XBU2-R4 (light blue)
  BB08-XBU1-2R (black) XB81-XBU2-R4 (black)
BB#09 - XBBOX#80 BB09-XBU0-1L (pink) XB80-XBU1-L5 (pink)
  BB09-XBU0-1L (black) XB80-XBU1-L5 (black)
  BB09-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB80-XBU1-R5 (light blue)
  BB09-XBU0-1R (black) XB80-XBU1-R5 (black)
  BB09-XBU0-2L (pink) XB80-XBU2-L5 (pink)
  BB09-XBU0-2L (black) XB80-XBU2-L5 (black)
  BB09-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB80-XBU2-R5 (light blue)
  BB09-XBU0-2R (black) XB80-XBU2-R5 (black)
BB#09 - XBBOX#81 BB09-XBU1-1L (pink) XB81-XBU1-L5 (pink)
  BB09-XBU1-1L (black) XB81-XBU1-L5 (black)
  BB09-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB81-XBU1-R5 (light blue)
  BB09-XBU1-1R (black) XB81-XBU1-R5 (black)
  BB09-XBU1-2L (pink) XB81-XBU2-L5 (pink)
  BB09-XBU1-2L (black) XB81-XBU2-L5 (black)
  BB09-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB81-XBU2-R5 (light blue)
  BB09-XBU1-2R (black) XB81-XBU2-R5 (black)
BB#10 - XBBOX#80 BB10-XBU0-1L (pink) XB80-XBU1-L6 (pink)
  BB10-XBU0-1L (black) XB80-XBU1-L6 (black)
  BB10-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB80-XBU1-R6 (light blue)
  BB10-XBU0-1R (black) XB80-XBU1-R6 (black)
  BB10-XBU0-2L (pink) XB80-XBU2-L6 (pink)
  BB10-XBU0-2L (black) XB80-XBU2-L6 (black)
  BB10-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB80-XBU2-R6 (light blue)
  BB10-XBU0-2R (black) XB80-XBU2-R6 (black)
BB#10 - XBBOX#81 BB10-XBU1-1L (pink) XB81-XBU1-L6 (pink)
  BB10-XBU1-1L (black) XB81-XBU1-L6 (black)
  BB10-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB81-XBU1-R6 (light blue)
  BB10-XBU1-1R (black) XB81-XBU1-R6 (black)
  BB10-XBU1-2L (pink) XB81-XBU2-L6 (pink)
  BB10-XBU1-2L (black) XB81-XBU2-L6 (black)
  BB10-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB81-XBU2-R6 (light blue)
  BB10-XBU1-2R (black) XB81-XBU2-R6 (black)
BB#11 - XBBOX#80 BB11-XBU0-1L (pink) XB80-XBU1-L7 (pink)
  BB11-XBU0-1L (black) XB80-XBU1-L7 (black)
  BB11-XBU0-1R (light blue) XB80-XBU1-R7 (light blue)
  BB11-XBU0-1R (black) XB80-XBU1-R7 (black)
  BB11-XBU0-2L (pink) XB80-XBU2-L7 (pink)
  BB11-XBU0-2L (black) XB80-XBU2-L7 (black)
  BB11-XBU0-2R (light blue) XB80-XBU2-R7 (light blue)
  BB11-XBU0-2R (black) XB80-XBU2-R7 (black)
BB#11 - XBBOX#81 BB11-XBU1-1L (pink) XB81-XBU1-L7 (pink)
  BB11-XBU1-1L (black) XB81-XBU1-L7 (black)
  BB11-XBU1-1R (light blue) XB81-XBU1-R7 (light blue)
  BB11-XBU1-1R (black) XB81-XBU1-R7 (black)
  BB11-XBU1-2L (pink) XB81-XBU2-L7 (pink)
  BB11-XBU1-2L (black) XB81-XBU2-L7 (black)
  BB11-XBU1-2R (light blue) XB81-XBU2-R7 (light blue)
  BB11-XBU1-2R (black) XB81-XBU2-R7 (black)
Figure B-11  XSCF cable connection diagram
Figure B-11  XSCF cable connection diagram
Table B-15  XSCF cable correspondence table
Connected chassis Connector 1 Connector 2
BB#00 - XBBOX#80 BB00-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF0
BB#01 - XBBOX#80 BB01-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF1
BB#02 - XBBOX#80 BB02-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF2
BB#03 - XBBOX#80 BB03-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF3
BB#04 - XBBOX#80 BB04-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF4
BB#05 - XBBOX#80 BB05-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF5
BB#06 - XBBOX#80 BB06-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF6
BB#07 - XBBOX#80 BB07-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF7
BB#08 - XBBOX#80 BB08-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF8
BB#09 - XBBOX#80 BB09-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF9
BB#10 - XBBOX#80 BB10-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF10
BB#11 - XBBOX#80 BB11-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF11
BB#12 - XBBOX#80 BB12-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF12
BB#13 - XBBOX#80 BB13-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF13
BB#14 - XBBOX#80 BB14-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF14
BB#15 - XBBOX#80 BB15-XSCF0 XB80-XSCF15
BB#00 - XBBOX#81 BB00-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF0
BB#01 - XBBOX#81 BB01-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF1
BB#02 - XBBOX#81 BB02-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF2
BB#03 - XBBOX#81 BB03-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF3
BB#04 - XBBOX#81 BB04-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF4
BB#05 - XBBOX#81 BB05-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF5
BB#06 - XBBOX#81 BB06-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF6
BB#07 - XBBOX#81 BB07-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF7
BB#08 - XBBOX#81 BB08-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF8
BB#09 - XBBOX#81 BB09-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF9
BB#10 - XBBOX#81 BB10-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF10
BB#11 - XBBOX#81 BB11-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF11
BB#12 - XBBOX#81 BB12-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF12
BB#13 - XBBOX#81 BB13-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF13
BB#14 - XBBOX#81 BB14-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF14
BB#15 - XBBOX#81 BB15-XSCF1 XB81-XSCF15