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  9. 9.3.3 Adding the SPARC M10-4S in expansion rack 1

9.3.3 Adding the SPARC M10-4S in expansion rack 1

9.3.3 Adding the SPARC M10-4S in expansion rack 1
In expansion rack 1 installed in 9.3.2, mount the SPARC M10-4S that was changed to the 1BB configuration in 9.3.1. Then, perform installation work.
  1. Mount the SPARC M10-4S in the rack.
    For details, see "3.4.1 Mounting the SPARC M10-4S in a rack."
  2. Set the ID required for identifying each chassis (BB-ID).
    For details, see "4.1 Setting the ID (BB-ID) Identifying a Chassis."
  3. Connect the crossbar cables (optical) and XSCF BB control cables to each chassis.
    Crossbar cables (optical) and XSCF BB control cables are already laid in the expansion rack. The work here is to connect the cables to each port of the mounted chassis. Connect the cables according to the instructions written on the labels.
    For a cable connection diagram and a cable list, see "B.4 2BB Configuration to 8BB Configuration (Connections through Crossbar Boxes)."
  4. Confirm that the crossbar cables (optical) are correctly and firmly connected.
    With the crossbar cables (optical) connected to their ports, push in each cable while holding the joint at the base of the connector of the crossbar cable (optical).
Note - A loose crossbar cable connection may, on rare occasions, cause an error due to poor connection. After connecting a crossbar cable, push it in again so that it is tightly in place to prevent any improper connection. Do not hold only the cable when performing work at this time. Otherwise, the cable may bend out of shape.
  1. Connect serial cables, LAN cables, and power cords to crossbar boxes.
    For details, see "5.3 Connecting Cables to a Crossbar Box."
  2. Connect the system management terminal to the crossbar box of the master XSCF, and then perform an initial diagnosis of the system.
    For details, see "Chapter 6 Performing an Initial System Diagnosis."
  3. Initialize the system settings from the crossbar box of the master XSCF.
    For details, see "Chapter 7 Making the Initial System Settings."
  4. Reconfigure the logical domains.
    Assign the resources of the added SPARC M10-4S to an existing logical domain or a newly configured logical domain. For details, see the Fujitsu SPARC M12 and Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 Domain Configuration Guide.