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  9. B.2 3BB Configuration (Direct Connections between Chassis)

B.2 3BB Configuration (Direct Connections between Chassis)

B.2 3BB Configuration (Direct Connections between Chassis)
The numbers enclosed in parentheses in Figure B-3 indicate the connection order. For details, see Table B-3.
Figure B-3  Crossbar cable (electrical) connection diagram
Figure B-3  Crossbar cable (electrical) connection diagram
Table B-3  Crossbar cable (electrical) correspondence table
Connection order Connector 1 Connector 2 Remarks
1 BB00-XBU1-0L (pink) BB01-XBU1-0L (pink) BB#00 - BB#01
  BB00-XBU1-0L (black) BB01-XBU1-0L (black)  
  BB00-XBU1-0R (light blue) BB01-XBU1-0R (light blue)  
  BB00-XBU1-0R (black) BB01-XBU1-0R (black)  
2 BB00-XBU1-1L (pink) BB02-XBU1-1L (pink) BB#00 - BB#02
  BB00-XBU1-1L (black) BB02-XBU1-1L (black)  
  BB00-XBU1-1R (light blue) BB02-XBU1-1R (light blue)  
  BB00-XBU1-1R (black) BB02-XBU1-1R (black)  
3 BB01-XBU1-2L (pink) BB02-XBU1-2L (pink) BB#01 - BB#02
  BB01-XBU1-2L (black) BB02-XBU1-2L (black)  
  BB01-XBU1-2R (light blue) BB02-XBU1-2R (light blue)  
  BB01-XBU1-2R (black) BB02-XBU1-2R (black)  
4 BB00-XBU0-0L (pink) BB01-XBU0-0L (pink) BB#00 - BB#01
  BB00-XBU0-0L (black) BB01-XBU0-0L (black)  
  BB00-XBU0-0R (light blue) BB01-XBU0-0R (light blue)  
  BB00-XBU0-0R (black) BB01-XBU0-0R (black)  
5 BB00-XBU0-1L (pink) BB02-XBU0-1L (pink) BB#00 - BB#02
  BB00-XBU0-1L (black) BB02-XBU0-1L (black)  
  BB00-XBU0-1R (light blue) BB02-XBU0-1R (light blue)  
  BB00-XBU0-1R (black) BB02-XBU0-1R (black)  
6 BB01-XBU0-2L (pink) BB02-XBU0-2L (pink) BB#01 - BB#02
  BB01-XBU0-2L (black) BB02-XBU0-2L (black)  
  BB01-XBU0-2R (light blue) BB02-XBU0-2R (light blue)  
  BB01-XBU0-2R (black) BB02-XBU0-2R (black)  
Figure B-4  XSCF cable connection diagram
Figure B-4  XSCF cable connection diagram
Table B-4  XSCF cable correspondence table
Connected chassis Connector 1 Connector 2
BB#00 - BB#01 BB00-DUAL BB01-DUAL
BB#00 - BB#02 BB00-XSCF1 BB02-XSCF0
BB#01 - BB#02 BB01-XSCF1 BB02-XSCF1