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10.2 Removing the SPARC M10-4S

10.2 Removing the SPARC M10-4S
This section describes the procedure for removing only the SPARC M10-4S. This procedure corresponds to pattern A and pattern B in Figure 8-3.
The SPARC M10-4S is removed in either of the following two ways: removal while the physical partition (PPAR) is operating, or removal by stopping only the physical partition that includes the SPARC M10-4S to be removed.
To change every SPARC M10-4S to the 1BB configuration as shown in pattern B (2) in Figure 8-3, stop all the physical partitions and then perform removal.
The physical partition number must match the BB-ID value of one of the SPARC M10-4S units in the system.
Therefore, if there is a physical partition with the same number as that of the BB-ID of the SPARC M10-4S to be removed, stop that physical partition before removing the unit.
This physical partition becomes unavailable after removal. So reconfigure the physical partition with a different physical partition number.