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9.1.2 Confirming delivered components

9.1.2 Confirming delivered components
To add the SPARC M10-4S, confirm the delivered components.
For details on the attachments for the chassis and the attachments required for a building block configuration, see "3.2.1 Confirming the delivered components of the SPARC M10-4S."
The components that must be added vary depending on the expansion pattern.
Table 9-1 is a list of the components that must be added for expansion to up to the 4BB configuration with direct connections between chassis.
Table 9-1  Components that must be added during expansion (up to the 4BB configuration)
No. Expansion pattern Name Quantity
1 Expansion from 1BB to 2BB Crossbar cable (electrical) (*1) 8
XSCF BB control cable 1
XSCF DUAL control cable 1
2 Expansion from 2BB to 3BB Crossbar cable (electrical) (*1) 16
XSCF BB control cable 2
3 Expansion from 3BB to 4BB Crossbar cable (electrical) (*1) 24
XSCF BB control cable 2
The configuration when two or more SPARC M10-4S units are added has a corresponding combination of the components shown above.
*1 Use electrical cables for the connections in direct connections between chassis.
Any expansion to the 5BB configuration or larger requires the new installation of an expansion rack.
For expansion to up to the 8BB configuration, expansion rack 1 is required. For the 9BB to 16BB configurations, expansion rack 2 is required in addition to expansion rack 1.
The dedicated power distribution units (PDUs), crossbar boxes, and cables required for the expansion are shipped mounted in the expansion racks. For details on the components of expansion racks 1 and 2, see "3.2.3 Confirming the delivered components of an expansion rack."