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7.5.3 Setting a takeover IP address

7.5.3 Setting a takeover IP address
You can set a takeover IP address (virtual IP address) for a system that consists of multiple SPARC M10-4S units and has multiple XSCFs.
The setting of the takeover IP address enables takeover of the IP address after switching of the master and standby sides in cases of XSCF failover. By using the takeover IP address, users can always connect to the master XSCF without any need to pay attention to XSCF switching.

After setting the respective IP addresses for XSCF-LAN#0 and XSCF-LAN#1 as described in "7.5.2 Setting an Ethernet (XSCF-LAN) IP address," set one takeover IP address for each pair of XSCF-LAN#0 and XSCF-LAN#1. (See (3) in Figure 7-2 and Figure 7-3.)
  1. Set the takeover IP address of XSCF-LAN#0 or XSCF-LAN#1.
    The following example sets the takeover IP address 192.168.1.z and net mask for XSCF-LAN#0, and the takeover IP address 192.168.2.c and net mask for XSCF-LAN#1.
XSCF> setnetwork lan#0 -m 192.168.1.z
XSCF> setnetwork lan#1 -m 192.168.2.c