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A.3.1 BB-IDs not set (BB-ID 00)

A.3.1 BB-IDs not set (BB-ID 00)
If all BB-IDs have been left as 00 without being set when the input power is turned on, restore them according to the following procedure.
Figure A-2  BB-IDs left as 00 without being set
Figure A-2  BB-IDs left as 00 without being set
  1. Connect the system management terminal to the chassis serial port.
  2. Log in to the XSCF by using the default user account and authentication method.
    For details, see "6.3 Logging In to the XSCF."
  3. Execute the restoredefaults -c factory command to return the entire system to the factory default settings.
XSCF> restoredefaults -c factory

If this system does not have BACK UP, this command will set all the user
settable XSCF configuration parameters to their default value as they
were set when the system was shipped out.
Furthermore, this command will delete all logs in the intended chassis XSCF.
Check the man page of this command before you run it.

Continue?[yes/no](default no):yes
You must check the following points.

1. Have the ability to power cycle the system.

2. Have access to the serial console and hold the serial console of the

XSCF to confirm the completion of the command.

If you answer "yes" this command will HALT the XSCF when it completes.
You will need to power cycle the system after the XSCF BOOT STOP.

Do you really want to continue?

Continue?[yes/no](default no):yes
The initialization of XSCF will be started.
XSCF : all data clear (exclude SYSTEM ID data)
BACK UP : all data clear (exclude SYSTEM ID data)
XSCF will be automatically rebooted. Afterwards, XSCF will be initialized.
Continue?[yes/no](default no):yes
Disabling IDIAG prompt complete
Setting FRUID-ROM to writable complete
Clear BB-ID complete
Backup common DB complete
Syncing file systems... complete
XSCF shutdown request was completed.
  1. Confirm that all LEDs on the operation panel are off.
  2. Remove the power cords from the power supply units.
  3. Change the BB-IDs to the correct settings.
    For details, see "4.1 Setting the ID (BB-ID) Identifying a Chassis."
  4. Perform steps 1 to 6 for all chassis.
  5. Connect the power cords of all chassis to the power supply units.
  6. Connect the system management terminal to the serial port of the master XSCF.
  7. Proceed with work by returning to "6.3 Logging In to the XSCF."