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  9. 10.2.2 Removing the server after stopping the target physical partition (PPAR)

10.2.2 Removing the server after stopping the target physical partition (PPAR)

10.2.2 Removing the server after stopping the target physical partition (PPAR)
This section describes the SPARC M10-4S removal procedure for reducing to a 1BB configuration after stopping the target physical partition (PPAR).
Stop applications in guest domains as required.
For details on the XSCF commands executed in each step, see the Fujitsu SPARC M12 and Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 XSCF Reference Manual.
  1. Log in to the master XSCF.
    Execute the showbbstatus command to confirm that the XSCF to which you have logged in is the master XSCF.
    If it is a standby XSCF, retry to log in to the master XSCF.
XSCF> showbbstatus
BB#00 (Master)
  1. Execute the showhardconf command, and confirm the chassis serial number of the system board (PSB) targeted for release.
    For details, see "A.2.1 Checking the component status."
Note - If the serial number of the target chassis is being used as the system serial number, the initbb command cannot release the chassis. In this case, execute the switchscf command to switch the master XSCF.
  1. Execute the poweroff command to stop all the physical partitions including the SPARC M10-4S to be removed.
    Specify the target PPAR number in ppar_id.
XSCF> poweroff -p ppar_id
  1. The following example stops PPAR#0.
XSCF> poweroff -y -p 0
PPAR-IDs to power off:00
Continue? [y|n]:y
00:Powering off
This command only issues the instruction to power-off.
The result of the instruction can be checked by the "showpparprogress".
  1. Execute the showpcl command, and confirm that the power of the physical partition has been turned off.
XSCF> showpcl -p 0
00 Powered Off

00 00-0
01 01-0
  1. Execute the deleteboard command from the master XSCF to release a system board (PSB) from the physical partition configuration.
    The following example releases system board 01-0 from the physical partition.
XSCF> deleteboard -c unassign 01-0
PSB#01-0 will be unassigned from PPAR immediately. Continue?[y|n] :y
  1. Execute the showresult command, and confirm the end status of the previously executed deleteboard command.
    In the following example, 0 is returned as the end status, so the execution of the deleteboard command has completed correctly.
XSCF> showresult
  1. Execute the showboards command, and confirm that the released system board (PSB) is in pool state.
    In the following example, system board 01-0 is in the system board pool.
XSCF> showboards -a
PSB PPAR-ID(LSB) Assignment Pwr Conn Conf Test Fault
---- ------------ ----------- ---- ---- ---- ------- --------

00-0 00(00) Assigned n n n Passed Normal
01-0 SP Available n n n Passed Normal
  1. Execute the initbb command from the master XSCF to release the target SPARC M10-4S from the system and initialize it.
    In bb_id, specify the ID (BB-ID) identifying the chassis.
XSCF> initbb -b bb_id
  1. The following example releases BB#01 from the system and initializes it.
XSCF> initbb -b 1
You are about to initialize BB/XB-Box.
NOTE the following.
1. BB/XB-Box is excluded from the system and halted.

2. PPAR-ID of the same value as BB-ID becomes invalid.

Continue? [y|n] :y
Note - After the execution of the initbb command, the target chassis is released from the system and enters the stopped state. Do not disconnect the power cords or various cables until the XSCF STANDBY LED on the panel and the rear READY LED of the target chassis are off.
  1. Remove the power cords from the power supply units of the target SPARC M10-4S.
  2. Remove the XSCF BB control cables from the target SPARC M10-4S.
  3. Remove the crossbar cables from the target SPARC M10-4S.
Note - Do not hold the cable part when pulling out the crossbar cable. Pulling the cable part without the connector lock completely released may cause damage.
  1. You are performing removal to the 1BB configuration. So, remove the XSCF DUAL control cable.
  2. Remove the target SPARC M10-4S from the rack.
    Remove the SPARC M10-4S from the rack by reversing the mounting procedure. For the procedure for mounting in the rack, see "3.4.1 Mounting the SPARC M10-4S in a rack."
The removed SPARC M10-4S enters the factory default status because the initbb command is executed. If you want to use it as another system, see "1.1 Workflow for the SPARC M10-4S" to perform installation.