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1.1 Workflow for the SPARC M10-4S

1.1 Workflow for the SPARC M10-4S
The SPARC M10-4S is a 4U-size chassis that can be configured with up to 4 CPUs (64 cores). It employs the building block method. The one-building-block configuration (1BB configuration) with one chassis can be expanded to up to the 16BB configuration.
For the connection of each SPARC M10-4S in a building block configuration, the rack types and the types of cables connecting each chassis vary depending on the number of chassis configurations. For details, see Table 1-1.
This section describes the workflow separately by how the chassis is connected.
Table 1-1  Configurations when the SPARC M10-4S is in a building block configuration
Item Without expansion rack With expansion rack
Mounting rack Mounted in equipment rack Mounted in expansion rack
Number of configurations Up to 4BB configuration 2BB configuration to 16BB configuration (*1)
Chassis connection method Direct connections between chassis Connections through crossbar boxes
Crossbar cable type Electrical cable Optical cable
*1 For the 2BB configuration or larger, the chassis can be mounted on an expansion rack. Two expansion racks are necessary for the 9BB configuration or larger.