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Checking the completion of addition

Checking the completion of addition
  1. Execute the showboards command on the XSCF to check the system board (PSB<BB>) state.
    The following example checks that the installed PSB (BB) are in the Assigned state and that the [Pwr], [Conn], and [Conf] columns all indicate "y."
XSCF> showboards -p PPAR_ID
PSB PPAR-ID(LSB) Assignment Pwr Conn Conf Test Fault
---- ------------ ----------- ---- ---- ---- ------- --------

00-0 00(00) Assigned y y y Passed Normal
01-0 00(01) Assigned y y y Passed Normal
  1. Execute the console command to connect to the console of the control domain and then log in to it.
XSCF> console -p PPAR_ID
  1. Execute the ldm list-devices command to check the state of the added hardware resources.
    When the ldm list-devices command is executed, the unassigned hardware resources are listed.
    Check that the hardware resources have been added.
# ldm list-devices
128 100 (256, 257)
132 100 (264, 265)
136 100 (272, 273)
140 100 (280, 281)
0x700000000000 32G
0x720000000000 32G
0x740000000000 32G
0x760050000000 31488M